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Bloody Mary

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The perfect way to set off a weekend
Feeling fantastic? Bloody Mary. Hungover? Bloody Mary. Warming winter afternoon pick me up? Bloody Mary. 

Theres never a bad time a Bloody Mary, and we've got everything in one place for you to make a bloody exceptional one. 

Whats in the Package?
1 x 250ml bottle of Roland's Bloody Mary Mix 
1 x 500ml bottle of Spiced Tomato Juice
Garnishes - including olives, sun dried tomatoes, dehydrated lemon wheels, and smoked paprika & celery salt powder to edge your glass with!

*Spiced Vodka contains Element 29 Vodka, Henderson's Relish, Tabasco Sauce, Sugar, Cream Sherry, Celery & Cardomom Bitters, Olive Brine, Celery Salt & Black Pepper. 

Store in a fridge and use within 5 days

250ml + 500ml bottle | 4 serves | undiluted ABV 32%

To serve
First, edge your serving glass by rubbing a little fresh lemon juice around the edge. Pour some Paprika & Celery Salt Powder onto a side plate and push the your glass through the powder.

Next, shake your bottle of Spiced Vodka and pour 60ml into a pint sized glass with ice and add 125ml of Spiced Tomato Juice. Take a second pint glass and pour the mixture back and forth a few times to thoroughly mix (or 'throw') it together. 

Pour into your edged glass over fresh ice, garnish with a wheel of lemon and a skewer of olives & sundried tomatoes.